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Creative Signage Ideas for Your Marketing Strategy

Creative Signage Ideas for Your Marketing Strategy

You can do a lot for your business by diversifying its signage displays. If you only use paper signs and colorful text generated on a word processor, it is time to innovate beyond the basics. See what happens when you try a few of these creative signage ideas for your marketing strategy.

Use Out-of-the-Box Materials

You craft your signs or order them in specific proportions with specific materials. But consider venturing past the usual mediums. Look into laser-engraved acrylic or woodcut signs. Either of these options boasts a uniqueness that will be sure to set you apart from the competition. You can even center your entire marketing theme around an idea like wood or nature and then incorporate engraved woodcut signs along with your other flora-related items.

Engage Beyond the Two-Dimensional

Most signs you see in stores or on the street are two-dimensional. Billboards, posters, and banners all hang flat and share information. However, they don’t often engage people in a unique and attractive way that would set them apart. Instead, think about using light boxes and push-through letters that both light up and add texture to the visual experience. Consumers find unusual signs particularly captivating and will likely remember your information because of it.

Rethink the Placement

Where you place your signs affects how customers interact with the information. Most signage lives on walls or hangs in the air. But what if you could put important information elsewhere? You might benefit instead from large floor stickers and window lettering. With well-placed mats or extra-large floor stickers, you can immediately attract customers’ attention to the information on the ground. Think about placing these signs near entrances and exits. They can fit nicely at the center of a busy aisle as well. Window lettering is another way to place effective signage at a customer’s eyeline in an unconventional way. Window lettering appears sleek and is easy to install. Work with a graphic designer to create quality images and lettering that pull people’s gazes. With a one-of-a-kind sign in a creative place, you will able to communicate more effectively with consumers.

Use these creative signage ideas for your marketing strategy, and coordinate with your marketing team to bring the signs to life. The only limit to your signage capacity is your imagination!

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