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The Best Offline Marketing Strategies

The Best Offline Marketing Strategies

The means of communicating with potential clients or customers are changing and evolving every single day. Business owners and marketing teams are utilizing online methods to increase their brand awareness. Think of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and digital strategies such as blogs, SEO, PPC ads, and e-mail marketing campaigns. These strategies are effective, but you don’t have to completely rule out traditional marketing means or label them irrelevant. Many businesses choose to channel both online and offline marketing strategies to produce the best results and exponentially boost their sales. Read on for a general guide of the best offline marketing strategies to benefit your own business.


No, we’re not talking about building up connections on LinkedIn. Online networking is all good and well, but face-to-face connections drive business right back to you. Handshakes may be a business standard of the past due to current circumstances, but handing out business cards is nevertheless an effective method to get your name out there and remembered. Economical and simple to make, these little cards create massive potential in the long run.

Public speaking and cold-calling are also adequate and mindful means of offline marketing. If you’re able to speak to a targeted audience, you can build credibility in an industry and demonstrate leadership skills. Otherwise, cold-calling can be a more personal means of networking than sending a basic e-mail. When you have a solid reason to reach out to an interested buyer or a possible marketing partnership, use the opportunity well.

Printed Advertising

Printed advertising remains one of the best offline marketing strategies. Whether this entails printing an ad in a publication such as a magazine or newspaper or printing off advertising materials to be handed out in person or hung in a local Starbucks, these ads and promotions can catch a potential buyer’s eye. Flyers and pamphlets are tried-and-true respites from the heavily oversaturated digital media market. However, their versatility as a marketing strategy is most effective when you keep the knowledge of your intended target audience in mind.

Direct Mailing

Despite the popularity and ease of e-mail, snail mail remains an efficient marketing option. Believe it or not, some people actually like to receive direct mail because it feels more personal than another e-mail in their inboxes. Several direct mailing options are available to help a business reach its target audience by geography and demographics. One such method is called EDDM, which stands for “every door direct mail.” Many businesses choose to send out flyers, menus, postcards, and even coupons to addresses in the local area or surrounding neighborhoods. For these printed marketing materials, there are some specific EDDM requirements to be aware of in order to ease the entire mailing campaign process.

By choosing to use a direct mail strategy, a business can stand out compared to competitors and establish regular customers. Creating brand loyalty all the while is a vital means of support and revenue for years to come.

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