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5 Steps To Boost Business Curb Appeal

5 Steps To Boost Business Curb Appeal

The inside of your business is responsible for driving sales, but without the right curb appeal, you may never get customers to walk in. The way your business presents itself on the outside will have a lot to do with overall customer satisfaction. To make sure your business doesn't miss a beat, read these five steps to boost business curb appeal.

General Upkeep 

First and foremost, no dirty, dilapidated building will entice passersby to stop in. Staying on top of general upkeep is vital to keeping your business on top of its game. Whether you just purchased the building, or you've been there for years, some restoration is always necessary. Consider pressure washing services and repainting to make your exterior look brand-new.

Make Parking Easy

Parking is a hassle that can make customers drive right by your business if it doesn't look accessible. If you have your own lot, make sure to always fix potholes, put up signage, and repaint lines. If you don't have your own lot, offer plenty of signs to direct customers to nearby parking. You could even provide a parking reimbursement with every purchase if customers resort to pay-to-park lots.


Other than signage that advertises parking, you'll want to promote the store itself. Put up clear and concise signage that details your business name, logo, and services. Customers should be able to quickly identify your business from the street.


If you're in a location that includes some greenery, be sure to take care of it. Trim bushes, mow the lawn if necessary, and plant some flowers or shrubbery to add to the atmosphere. If you're in a more urban area, consider adding a few potted or hanging plants near your entrance. This helps add some life to the concrete jungle.  

Clean Walkways

How do you expect customers to get inside if your sidewalk has cracks? Are the stairs sturdy? Is there litter all over? Check the walkways regularly to make sure you're presenting your business as a safe and clean environment.

Curb appeal is far more important than we imagine when it comes to building a successful business. Utilize these five steps to boosting your business's curb appeal to maintain a revolving door of customers.

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