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Ways You Can Measure the Effectiveness of a Window Display

Ways You Can Measure the Effectiveness of a Window Display

Your marketing efforts are critical to your business’ growth and impact. But how can you determine the efficacy of your advertisements and promotions? Here are a few simple ways you can measure the effectiveness of a window display.

Build a Central Database

All measurement begins with a standardized system of organization. Without an established methodology for monitoring and recording information, you won’t know how to calculate the efficacy of your efforts. Develop a simple spreadsheet or other table-based methods for tracking the data. For instance, if you want to see how many people walk in your door and how long they stay, you’ll want a table organized by the number of people and length of stay according to each day.

Watch the Storefront

Fewer things are more effective than physically watching how customers interact with sections of your storefront. Monitoring your sales floor can give you an idea about how many people interact with your display and subsequently purchase items. Use video cameras for a less invasive monitoring project and have someone check every hour to see where customers are in your store. You can also ask an employee to check each area for about ten minutes every hour and count the traffic in that section. This system will alert you to exposure, engagement, and conversion data for your store.

Ask for Customer Feedback

An easy way to gauge customer interaction with your display is to ask them outright. Provide several avenues for customer feedback that can better your business. The simplest strategy is to print survey links at the bottom of your receipts and point it out to customers. You can also set up in-store suggestion boxes with questions listed on small cards. The most forthright way is to engage customers person to person on the sales floor or at the register. Ask them if they noticed the display and if they liked anything they saw. These short conversations may lead nowhere if customers don’t engage, but will provide critical feedback when they do.

From installation to removal, you should use these ways you can measure the effectiveness of a window display. When you create a window display the right way and track its impact over time, you’re sure to have a measured and well-implemented marketing strategy.

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