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Simple Ways Your Business Can Reduce Packaging Costs

Simple Ways Your Business Can Reduce Packaging Costs

The way you package your product is a huge part of your brand identity. Packaging has three main purposes: representing the brand, catching the customer's eye, and keeping the product safe. To make sure their packaging is flawless, many businesses will spend a fortune on choosing the right material, perfecting the design, and ensuring that the product will be safe during shipping and arrive at the customer's doorstep unharmed. Eventually, the cost of packaging your products starts to add up. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of money your business is spending on packaging, there's good news. There are plenty of simple ways your business can reduce packaging costs and increase profit.

Reduce Packing Time With Automation

Is your business currently packing products by hand? This can be a slow and time-consuming process. If you want to save time and, as a result, money, consider streamlining the packing process by automating as much as possible. Automation comes with several advantages, including increased output, a reduced carbon footprint, a reduction in workplace injuries, and fewer instances of fright damage. More importantly, using semi-automated and automated tools such as stretch wrapping machinery can save your business money.

Minimize Returns by Ensuring Proper Packaging

There's no worse feeling for customers than receiving their long-awaited package only to discover the product inside is damaged. The biggest culprit of fright damage is improper packaging. If you're experiencing a lot of damage-related returns, you may need to improve upon your packing process. While using better packing materials might cost you upfront, it will save you money long-term by drastically reducing the amount of product that winds up damaged.

Consider a Redesign

Another simple way your business can reduce packaging costs is by redesigning your product packaging. If your product packaging hasn’t been optimized, it may be unnecessarily costing you money.

Look at your packaging. Is the package much larger than the product itself? The more material you use, the more expensive the packaging cost will be. If some of the material you're using is redundant, cut it out of the design and make your packaging smaller. Your packaging may also include pricey and unnecessary add-ons. Labels are one of these add-ons. Instead of using labels, print any visuals directly onto the packaging. This will also reduce the cost of materials.

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