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The Importance of Marketing for Small Businesses


The Importance of Marketing for Small Businesses

When a business owner is working on getting their new store open for business, one of the last aspects they’re likely thinking about is marketing. However, it should be one of the first. Most of them write it off because they believe the only thing marketing involves is commercials, which they can’t afford yet anyway. This is a huge misconception that we’re hoping to stomp out today with our guide to the importance of marketing for small businesses.

It Lets People Know You Exist

How else are people going to know you’re open for business unless you market to them beforehand? Sure, you can tell your friends and family members and have an amazing opening weekend, but after that, business will die back down because no one else knew you were even there.

The best way to start your marketing campaign these days is through social media. It’s free, and you’re all but guaranteed to get some notice, since everybody is on some form of it. After a few people find out about you, they’ll do the rest for you by sharing your posts, which will open you up to even larger audiences.

Another significant way to gain attention is through commercial signage. Businesses have used signs for advertising since the 18th century. If they’ve been around for that long, they must be effective. You need to do more than simply label the outside of your building, though. Maybe rent out a billboard a week before you open or put a vehicle wrap on your personal car.

It Drives Sales

Once you have people’s attention, it’s time to make them realize that your product or service is worth buying. To do this, set up a PR event with a local news station during your first week. Hold it in your store when other people are there so that everybody at home will see those customers shopping and think to themselves that maybe this place is worth checking out.

Promotions are another great way to draw people in and get them to purchase something. Buy one, get one free deals are perfect for selling multiple products to new customers. If you run a service-based business, you could put a coupon on the bottom of receipts for customers to use on their next purchase. The potential promotions are limitless. You simply need to figure out which ones benefit you the most financially.

It Spreads Your Business

No one can sell your business better than your existing customers, since they have the freedom to say whatever they want about your store. You could offer a discount to anyone who refers a new customer to your company. You could also ask repeat customers for testimonials that you could then use on your website. If you have an online store, make sure you include an area for people to leave reviews. Setting up a loyalty program will also keep current customers coming back, eventually leading them to talk about your company with friends and family members.

Regardless of the methods you use, marketing is an endless chain of grabbing attention and converting sales, which is why the importance of marketing for small businesses can’t be overstated. Find what works best for you and roll with it, but don’t ignore it altogether.

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