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Strategies for Ensuring a Welcoming Office Environment


Strategies for Ensuring a Welcoming Office Environment

Your office space is more than likely going to be the only place on company property that any outsider will see. Most of your clients will probably never need to see your warehouse or server room or maintenance closet. Because of this, the only chance you may get to make a great impression could be your office. If this applies to you, keep in mind some of these strategies for ensuring a welcoming office environment.

Stay Organized

Your business can lose a lot of its potential luster if your client sees it in a state of disarray. Make sure you’ve got organization systems in place and use them! It’s easy to set up a system and then completely ignore it when it becomes too tough to keep up. You want your clients and employees to feel like the space is tidy and well-kept. Something as simple as the right choice of office trash cans can set you up for success in impressing a client.

Use Warm Lighting

By “warm” I don’t mean temperature—at least, not the kind of temperature you might think. Different lights have different color temperatures, and you’ve seen the effects of them in every movie and TV show you’ve ever seen. Warm lights will give off a yellow/amber/orange glow and are generally associated with a more inviting feeling. They can also be used to show heat. White lights and lights with a blue tint are “cool,” and are used to often represent bleakness and the cold. Next time you’re watching something, pay attention to the hues of the image and what the tone of the scene is!

Invest in Comfortable Furniture

No one wants to sit in an uncomfortable chair. Making sure that your furniture is comfortable to sit in for long periods of time is a fantastic way of both getting more productivity out of your employees and also making any visitors and clients comfortable. If someone is comfortable, they’re more likely to stay and talk to you rather than think of an excuse to get out of their chair! While this may require putting up a little more money for furniture, the increase in productivity and customer experience is well worth it. That makes this one of the key strategies for ensuring a welcoming office environment.

Always remember that the most important thing you can do for a client (other than selling to them) is to make them feel welcome and comfortable. If you’re able to stay organized, invest in some quality lights and furniture, and you’ll already be a step ahead of the competition.

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