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Tips for Showing Employees You Appreciate Them

Tips for Showing Employees You Appreciate Them

When starting a business, there are many things to remember, organize, budget, and plan for. Oftentimes, it can be easy to forget about the people who’re contributing to the process: your employees.

When an employee feels noticed and appreciated, they ultimately feel more motivated to continue working, bettering their relationship with the company.

If you have a stellar team that you want to reward for all their hard work, here are a few tips for showing employees you appreciate them.

Make It Personal

Keep in mind that every person is different in the way they understand esteem. Try offering them a test with multiple questions that determines what kind of person they are. This will help you to better understand how they favor feedback and recognition.

If they prefer verbal feedback, try not to say, “You’re doing great.” Make it personal to their tasks, goals, and accomplishments. Go into detail about how they greatly impacted last month’s project. By consistently encouraging them, you’re showing them that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

Offer More PTO

A great way to really show your employees your appreciation is by offering them more PTO, whether it’s an extra day or a few days. Of course, it may sound counterintuitive to give them time off from work.

However, studies show that when employees take time off work, it boosts their productivity and overall satisfaction with their job, which can in turn help your company as well.

Provide Growth Opportunities

If your business has open positions, try offering your employees the option to explore other opportunities within the company. This shows that you genuinely care about more than their job performance; you care about their career growth as well.

You may consider shadowing programs to enable them to see what a new role would look like without affecting their current duties.

Create a Space They Enjoy

If you plan to open an in-person office, be sure to make it a space they will enjoy working in—of course, while maintaining COVID-19 regulations and safety practices. There are plenty of ways to decorate a beautiful reception area if your office has a lobby.

Offering your employees a space with a kitchen, break area, and room to comfortably work in will make them appreciate your appreciation!

These tips for showing employees you appreciate them are wonderful ways to improve team morale and boost production. Remember, happy employees equal a successful business.

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