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Safety Tips To Cover With Your Seasonal Employees

Safety Tips To Cover With Your Seasonal Employees

Hiring help for the holidays is essential in every industry. But sometimes, this comes with risks for companies since most of these positions are temporary. Here are a few safety tips to cover with your seasonal employees to minimize these risks and increase production.

Provide a Thorough Tour

Even though seasonal hires are only there temporarily, they must receive a complete tour of the facilities. Providing an in-depth tour can help them learn about any ledges or safety structures around the building, along with understanding routes to their worksite, emergency exits, offices, and bathrooms.

Review Job Needs

Your safety systems already exist for your year-round staff, but it’s critical to review the job demands for the seasonal team so they fully understand how to perform their day-to-day tasks safely. If you need to increase your safety measures to meet the increase in team members, it’s best to do so before they’re out of training.

Adequately Cover Safety Measures

Regardless of status, everyone who works for you should be familiar with their tasks and safety protocols. These things should be second nature. It’s critical to train before starting a job and provide continued training throughout to ensure everyone on the seasonal team maintains safety measures.

Poor training and a lack of safety measures can cause workplace accidents. If trouble happens in the workplace, consider legal advice.

Discuss Technology

People are typically never alone in large warehouses and distribution centers. So, discussing the role and use of technology will help seasonal employees understand their safety needs. As an employer, you need to make seasonal hires aware of high-tech areas and how to interact with the technology properly to avoid injuries.

Understandably, the holiday rush can lead to improper training and accidents. By following a few of these safety tips to cover with your seasonal employees, you can minimize risks and keep everyone safe.

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