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Different Ways To Protect Your Shipments From the Weather

Different Ways To Protect Your Shipments From the Weather

One of the most significant issues you can face when shipping out products is the weather they will encounter along the way. Use these different ways to protect your shipments from the weather to ensure your packages arrive in excellent condition and safe. Overall, the integrity of your company should push you to make sound decisions when shipping your products to keep current customers and gain new ones.

Seal Boxes With Water Activated Tape

Water-activated tape is a great material to seal and close your boxes with. This tape is more robust than regular masking tape and will keep the contents of your package safely inside the box throughout the journey to the customer. Even if the shipment experiences turbulent weather conditions, the parcels will stay unopened with this tape.

Include Air-Tight Interior Packaging

If your products heir on the smaller end but go in slightly larger boxes, wrap the product up in an air-tight bag before sealing the box. If water or other liquids impede your boxes, the interior packaging will protect the product. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Industrial Shrink Wrap

A hidden gem in the shipping material vault is industrial shrink wrap. Shrink wrapping your pallets and boxes encourages better protection and a quick and easy seal-proof way to keep certain weather conditions away from the products. Use shrink tape for many functions; in this case, use it to enforce the seams of the shrink wrap to ensure it stays around the boxes throughout the trip.

Use Non-Absorbing Padding

If you ship your products on large pallets in multiple boxes, consider using non-absorbing padding between each layer of parcels. Any materials that promote keeping weather conditions and water out are the products you want to use. Non-absorbing padding not only stabilizes the pallet of boxes, but also acts as the extra protection you need for shipments.

The different ways to protect your shipments from weather include air-tight seals, non-absorbing products, and other materials that keep water out. Protect your shipments and use the same processes for each pallet to keep a steady routine and ensure the quality of your products. Even the most minor changes to your processes will benefit your customer’s willingness to purchase from you again.

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