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3 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From LED Lighted Signs


3 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From LED Lighted Signs

Neon signs have broadcasted companies and services to the public for decades. The eye-catching feature of a lit sign showcases local businesses and expresses the uniqueness of a brand. While there’s no denying the visual appeal of traditional neon, there are significant ways your business can benefit from LED lighted signs. LED products offer a broader range of features than traditional neon signs and require a lower investment of time and money as a business owner. Explore three ways your business can benefit from LED lighted signs to reduce maintenance costs and illuminate the best parts of your brand.

1. Longevity

LED lights outlive standard neon and other lighting methods. LEDs can operate for 50,000 to 100,000 hours without burning out. LEDs require less maintenance and fewer replacements than neon lights. LEDs also run at lower temperatures than standard bulbs and won’t affect the air conditioning system of your business.

2. Signage Options

Traditional neon signs limit your lighting options to solid colors. LED signs offer the choice of animation, flashing features, mobile text, and color changes. LED gives you the option to customize your business sign to showcase your brand. LED signs also don’t contain tubing like neon lights do, which makes them more lightweight and easier to move on and off display mounts.

3. Contemporary Appeal

LED lighting provides a contemporary appeal to your business and attracts younger clientele. Tech-savvy people are more likely to check into services with an LED display than a traditional sign. LEDs are also eco-friendly because they’re recyclable and void of toxic chemicals like mercury. Opting for a sustainable alternative to traditional signs boosts your business’s ability to make sales with environmentally conscious customers.

If you’re looking to upgrade the outdoor or indoor signage of your business, consider the benefits of LED signs. LED and neon lights are comparable in price, so it’s best to evaluate the key differences to decide which lighting method suits your business.

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