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Creative Customer Service for Your Cleaning Company

Creative Customer Service for Your Cleaning Company

Do your best to provide your clients with a unique experience. By doing so, you can ensure they’ll remember your business and logo. If you follow these tips, you will enjoy the benefits of inevitable referrals and five-star reviews. Read more about how to achieve creative customer service for your cleaning company.


Taking before and after photos will help your clients truly see your service’s value. Some clients, such as those with rentals, may not even see the final product. Help fix this issue by taking before and after photos. The sooner you can provide them with photos after service, the better. To create a side-by-side view of photos, download a free app on your phone. Canva is a great app to use for this. Your photos and graphics will not only look professional, but they will also impress clients.

Thank You

Consider leaving a personalized note behind in the home or establishment. If your customers can place a name with a service, they may feel more special from your personalized care. A personalized touch helps clients feel closer to you, even if you haven’t spoken. Keep in mind that personal touches like this can help gain repeat customers and referrals. Ensure these notes tell the client you are thankful they chose your company. If you have it in the budget, send out yearly thank-you notes in the mail to all your customers.

Surprise Customers

Make your customers go, “Wow!” If it’s applicable to the job, consider leaving a chocolate on the pillows. If this doesn’t apply, consider sugar cookies with your logo printed on the top. An unexpected treat adds another personal touch. Speaking of which, every home feels cozy and fresh with the addition of fresh flowers. Watch the atmosphere of the room change when you add some beautiful florals to the room. If you had to use cleaning chemicals for home odors, consider adding a scent blocker free of charge. If a customer walks into the space that smells good, they’ll feel good.

Follow these tips to ensure every client receives equal, creative customer service from your cleaning company. Enjoy watching your numbers grow along with your client satisfaction. From photos and thank you notes to surprising your customers, your business will gain more value the more you value your customers.

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