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3 Ways To Attract More Senior Citizens to Your Business


3 Ways To Attract More Senior Citizens to Your Business

More and more businesses are focusing their advertising on young spenders instead of senior citizens. With the rise of social media, more businesses opt to advertise using digital channels, which can alienate older generations. While many older generations and senior citizens use the internet and social media, advertising there isn’t the best way to attract this audience to your business. Keep reading to learn three ways to attract more senior citizens to your business.

Make Your Store Accessible

Accessibility affects all people, but senior citizens often face hurdles in this area the most. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, you need to make all parts of it accessible and comfortable for people of various abilities, especially senior citizens.

While younger people will often use technology to determine accessibility ahead of time, many senior citizens want to go out and do things in person. It’s crucial that you maintain enough handicapped parking spaces, ramps, and seating. And adding architectural features like an elegant awning will also help, as senior citizens often have sensitive skin and will appreciate the break from the sun.

Invest in Multi-Channel Marketing

While many members of older generations know how to use the internet and social media, your business isn’t necessarily making conversions there. This audience grew up with other forms of entertainment and marketing, such as radio and magazine advertisements. Using these and other forms of multi-channel marketing will help you reach a more diverse audience, including senior citizens.

Offer Something Familiar

Many seniors are already familiar with radio and paper ads, but the ads aren’t the only thing that your seniors should feel familiar with. Compare your current products to products that they might already have or know and prove that what you’re offering is the better version. Include familiar items in sales and promotional material so that they see something they recognize and feel comfortable with your store. After all, if you already sell something else they use and love, chances are that they’ll use and love something else you’re selling too.

The three best ways to attract seniors to your business are by making your physical store accessible and comfortable, using multi-channel marketing, and offering them something familiar. These three strategies will allow you to better advertise to the seniors in your community and bring in more customers.

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