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5 Places You Forgot To Put Your Brand Logo

5 Places You Forgot To Put Your Brand Logo

Having a well-designed brand logo is only the first step in effective brand marketing. The second step is remembering to utilize your logo to keep your business at the forefront of customers’ minds. Check these five places you probably forgot to put your brand logo to ensure your branding is consistent and effective.

1. Email Signature

Most communication between businesses happens by email, so it’s best practice to add your logo to your email signature. This will help remind your contacts of who you are and provide another opportunity to convey your business’s messaging in every communication.

2. Company Website

It probably seems obvious, but many people forget to add their logo to their website after a rebranding. This is a costly mistake considering that your website functions as your digital reception area for clients and other contacts. Failing to include your logo on your website is a missed opportunity to remind people of what your business is all about.

3. Office Doormats

A personalized logo doormat is a perfect way to greet people visiting your office. This choice helps promote your business and serves as an effective way to boost your company’s image. It also shows that you care about first impressions, making this subtle touch a fantastic way to leave one.

4. Office Supplies

Items like pens, folders, and staplers are quite common in the office, and it’s easy to find ways to give them to visitors. When someone asks for a quote, give it to them in a branded folder. When they ask for a pen, hand them one branded with the company’s logo and tell them to keep it. This way, your company’s branding stays in front of your customers and clients.

5. In-House Documentation

A branded company letterhead a more than a good marketing tactic—it’s also a way to verify that documents are real. While not foolproof, putting your logo on every document is a good measure for keeping track of what belongs to your company and what doesn’t.

There are many essential places where you should feature your brand logo, many of which are subtle yet impactful. Once you have a quality logo, make sure to get the most out of your marketing investment.

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