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What To Know Before Installing an Outdoor Business Sign

What To Know Before Installing an Outdoor Business Sign

An outdoor sign can do a lot for your company’s marketing efforts. With the right design, placement, and content, you can make a great first impression and draw more customers to your business. However, a lot of crucial decisions go into making sure your outdoor sign is right for your property and needs. Brush up on what to know before installing an outdoor business sign to make an informed decision about your new commercial signage.

Content Needs

What are you looking to display on your outdoor sign? Will it be a simple branding opportunity? Do you want to display a fixed, unchanging message? Alternatively, are you trying to implement a rotating content schedule that displays relevant messages throughout the day? Make a clear and detailed content plan before you start looking at sign options. This will help you choose a signage solution that has the capabilities to handle whatever content you need to display.

Permitting and Local Regulations

Different areas have specific regulations about outdoor signage—especially digital signage. The height, size, and brightness of your sign might depend on the rules in your city or county. Furthermore, you might need a permit to install your sign. Knowing how to navigate sign regulations and permitting will save you a lot of hassle once you’re ready to choose and implement your signage solution.

Viewing Distance

How far away will your audience be when they read your sign? Will your content be visible at that distance? Determining viewing distance is the key to ensuring your message is visible to your audience.

For example, if your business sits on a busy highway, passersby will see your sign from greater distances while driving at faster speeds than a business that sits in a walkable outlet mall. The greater your viewing distance is, the bigger your sign and content need to be. A larger viewing distance also calls for a lower resolution. A smaller viewing distance, on the other hand, requires a high-resolution display to keep content clear, crisp, and legible.

Maintenance and Repair Costs

Long-term expenses are a vital part of what you need to know before installing an outdoor business sign. Factor in ongoing costs—such as repairs and routine maintenance—to calculate an accurate return on investment. Remember that a signage solution with a low upfront cost might still be more expensive in the long run if it needs consistent repairs and maintenance. Use these calculations to find a signage solution that meets your needs without draining your budget.

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