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Why You Should Print on Both Sides of Your Business Card

Why You Should Print on Both Sides of Your Business Card

 Every business card you hand out is important, especially if you’ve just recently started your business. Business cards are tangible first impressions that potential partners and patrons take back to their office or home and hang on to if they’re interested in what your business does. To hold their interest, you need to fit as much pertinent information onto your cards as possible—and one way to do that is to print on both sides. Keep reading to learn why you should print on both sides of your business card.

Effectively Use Available Space

Most business cards are only 3.5 by 2 inches, which means you’re limited in how much room you have to effectively communicate your business information in a memorable way. Squeezing all that information onto one side can cause two problems: your text might be too small for recipients to read, or you might leave out necessary information. Either problem can lead to the recipient throwing your card away before it even makes it back to their office or home. Use your card’s space more effectively by appropriately spacing out your information and printing it on both sides.

Quickly Communicate Necessary Information

Many businesses choose to leave one side of their business cards blank so that the giver or recipient can jot notes down on the blank side. However, if your industry events leave little time for personal connections, then neither of you will have time to share anything that needs to be written down. At that point, the blank side is just a waste of space. Instead of wasting that space, print all necessary information on both sides of the card so that the recipient learns everything they need to know with a quick glance. No meeting or writing required.

Exceptionally Stand Out

People in different fields receive piles of business cards all the time. That means your business and its information can be easily lost in the crowd. If you want to be exceptional and stand out from the crowd, you should put as much information on your business card. There are other memorable business card designs you can consider, but if you want to focus on communicating your business, then you need to start with printing your information on both sides.

You should print on both sides of your business card so that your card uses all its available space, quickly communicates your information, and stands out from other business cards. If you’re just started a business and ordering your first business cards, you need to pay lots of attention to its design. Just the space on the card wisely and design it to be memorable so you can grow your business with each card you hand out.

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