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What You Need When Starting a New Brewery

What You Need When Starting a New Brewery

Opening a new brewery can be a lot of fun once it’s open, but it’s a lot of hard work getting there. There are many things you need to prepare when making your brewery. Here’s a guide to help you with the starting steps of building a new brewery.

Build a Budget

Starting any business takes a lot of money, which you should plan out before you start making your business. Having a good idea of how much money you can invest in your company is going to set you up for success in all the other steps of starting your brewery. Plan a budget and section off money for each step so you can make it to opening and beyond.

Come Up With Your Business

Once you have a budget, you can focus on the particulars of your business and creating your brewery. The first place to start is by creating a name and plan for your business. This will be important for legal documentation and marketing purposes in the future. Plus, a good plan will help guide your business decisions to keep you on track through the beginning months of your business.

Find the Equipment You Need

Breweries require a lot of specific equipment to run that almost no other business will need. Finding and investing in this equipment will be important for your new brewery. There’s a lot of essential brewery equipment you’ll need to produce all your product.

Physical Locations

Another thing you’ll need when starting your brewery is a physical location to produce and sell your stock. While there are many options out there, knowing your local laws will be key to this decision. Some states and cities have strict regulations on brewery locations, so research your local laws or contact a lawyer who can help before making any investments into buildings.

These are just a few of the steps you’ll take to start your brewery. But once you have all these things sorted out, you can start building up your business and filling out the ranks to build a brewery you’re proud of.

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