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4 Ways To Prevent Package Damage During Transit

4 Ways To Prevent Package Damage During Transit

As a business owner, it is important to prioritize secure and efficient shipping, especially if you are primarily an online retailer. Shipping items improperly results in damaged or broken products. This can hurt your relationship with your customers and cut into your profits. Here are four ways to prevent package damage during transit.

Use the Correct Size Box

Packing an item in too large of a box will cause it to jostle around during transit, and it may break or become damaged.

Using an excessively large box also costs you money, as you pay based on the size of the box. The larger and heavier the package, the more it will cost to ship. Because of these factors, it’s best to use a box slightly larger than the item you are shipping.

Mark It as “Fragile”

Marking a package as fragile lets carriers know that box contains delicate items. While it isn’t foolproof, many carriers will respect the “fragile” designator and treat the package with more care. It’s worth using the marker, even though some people may handle the package improperly.

Use Plenty of Padding

Another way to prevent package damage during transit is to pack correctly. If you place a breakable item in a box with no padding material, it can shake around and break. It’s best to cushion any fragile items to ensure they make it to their destination safely.

Some common packing materials include airbags, packing peanuts, recycled paper, and bubble wrap. Bubble mailers are good options if you tend to ship using poly mailers.

Invest in Cargo Securement Systems

You may not have direct control over securing cargo, depending on the size of your business. However, using load bars to secure shipments can make a radical difference in preventing package damage. If you have your own trucks or shipping containers, invest in cargo securement systems. If not, ensure the shipping companies you work with utilize these systems.

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