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Old Business Tactics That Never Go Out of Style

Old Business Tactics That Never Go Out of Style

Gen Z and millennials have a market for new business strategies. They know about the internet, digital marketing, and all the latest trends. It’s important to be knowledgeable about these things. However, every practice and strategy that came before their time is not completely useless. Here are some old business tactics that never go out of style.

A Good Slogan

Take a second and think about a good, solid slogan. Did you know that the “Got Milk?” slogan has been around since 1993? That’s 30 years of a solid slogan, and it’s just two words. The simpler, the better. People want something catchy with a nice ring to it. A catchphrase is meant to catch on.

Don’t overthink it or try too hard when it comes to catchphrases. They need to be clever and to the point. And if you can make it rhyme, that’s even better. Rhyming will keep the slogan in people’s minds, especially if it’s a good jingle. I mean, the theme of the Kit Kat bar commercials is all the proof you need.

The Power of Billboards

Never underestimate the power of a good billboard. Many people think billboards are out of style, but that’s not true. People still drive, and a good billboard could catch their eye. You can’t expect people to watch your commercial or see your social media post all the time.

There will be a demographic you miss in your digital marketing. Having a billboard helps to spread your message further, and covering all platforms is key. Make sure you have your billboard near a prime location with a lot of traffic and people in the area who are interested in what you’re selling.

A Solid Paper Trail

Yes, the world is digital, but a solid paper trail goes a long way. Sometimes, clients still need something tangible to hold. Continue down the digital marketing trail, but also promote your business, brand, and yourself with physical paper.

Even when marketing with physical materials, you should always keep up with the times. The information on those flyers should reflect something relevant to the current market. For example, a flyer should have a QR code on it so people can stay connected with your company using their phones.

Business cards are still a solid way to do business. Kick it up a notch and use colorplan paper for your business cards.

A Simple Follow-Up

Whatever you take away from this article, leave with this. Always follow up with your clients. There will rarely be a moment in business when you don’t need to follow up with potential clients and customers. They need to hear from you to remember you.

Send that email the day after a meeting or an initial meet and greet. Thank them for their time and bring up a key point from the conversation to help jog their memory. Keep yourself at the forefront of their minds and make them eager to work with you.

New trends and new business mean nothing without the original foundation because these old business tactics will never go out of style.

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