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Why Your Business Should Recycle Aluminum Waste

Why Your Business Should Recycle Aluminum Waste

Aluminum is one of the most popular metals in the US. We can manufacture aluminum into almost any supply, from plane parts to household items. The versatility of aluminum makes it precious, so we don’t want to waste it. If your business works with aluminum, you should recycle aluminum waste. Keep reading to learn why you should take this eco-friendly step.

Recycling Saves Your Business Money

Creating new aluminum for your business takes time and money. When you recycle and reuse the aluminum you already have, you can save that money and invest it elsewhere within your business. While it will still take time to recycle your aluminum waste, recycling takes less time than production since you’re not starting from scratch.

Recycling Is More Energy-Efficient Than Production

Recycling doesn’t just save time and money; it also saves energy. Creating aluminum from raw materials requires lots of energy, which is bad for the environment and your business’s finances. In contrast, recycling can save over 90 percent of that energy. Much of that energy savings comes from the fact that no one needs to gather raw materials. Instead, you’re just reusing the materials you already have.

Recycling Benefits the Environment

Saving energy and preventing aluminum waste from going to a landfill makes aluminum recycling good for the environment. No matter what aluminum products you work on, you can help the environment in this way. For example, there are differences between machined aluminum and cast aluminum and the products these processes make. When creating cast aluminum products, manufacturers use molten aluminum they can melt down and use over again. This is a form of recycling, even though they’re not recycling a final product like an aluminum can. Consider switching to cast aluminum if you work in manufacturing or requesting cast aluminum production if your business is further down the supply chain.

There are many reasons why your business should recycle aluminum waste. Recycling aluminum is good for your business and the environment.

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