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Washington River Protection Solutions Awards Grants to Local Small Businesses

Washington River Protection Solutions
A total of 43 small businesses recently received grants through a partnership between the Washington River Protection Solutions and the Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce in the tri-city area of the state of Washington. Each business was awarded up to $1,000 which helped them purchase computers and software, office furniture and machines, websites and training.

Washington River Protection Solutions is a limited liability corporation located in Richland, Washington, that eliminates risk to the environment from underground tanks containing radioactive and chemical waste. The company supports the efforts of small business programs and other local projects that advance educational and economic development opportunities and increase the quality of life for those living in the tri-city region.

The criteria for businesses to receive the grant money was fewer than 30 full-time employees, a for-profit business, and in business for at least 18 months. The businesses who received grants included accountants, lawyers, insurance agents, photographers, florists, marketing companies, construction, physical therapists, caterers, restaurants, doctors, Realtors and auto care companies.

Some of the small business owners receiving the grants worked through the Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce to connect with other businesses who could help them with their business needs. This resulted in increased business for other small businesses who in some cases even offered discounts on their products or services, making the grant money reach even further.

The small businesses who were recipients of the business grants are from Benton and Franklin counties and members of the Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce. The businesses expressed appreciation for the support and are hopeful Washington River Protection Solutions will continue the grant program in 2013.

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