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NYC Giving $500,000 in Grants to Small Business in Media and Entertainment

The City of New York Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre, and Broadcasting
A new training grant program for small businesses in media and entertainment, called the “Made in NY” Media Employee Training (MET) Program, was announced recently by the New York City Department of Small Business Services (SBS) and the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME). The purpose of the grant is to help small businesses train employees and grow in the field of media and entertainment.

The grants can be used for up to 70 percent of costs for instructors and training facilities and materials. The goal is to support small business needing training in the newest technologies in order to increase their business and expand markets for media and entertainment services.

Some of the small businesses who have received grants are using the money to train employees in technical areas such as video production, web development, and media areas that include digital and 3D. Approximately $65,000 of the grant money has already been awarded, with $435,000 still available.

New York City is an important hub for many prime time series and movies. It is important for small businesses in the media and entertainment industry to stay current on the latest technology and skills needed to remain competitive. The grant money will have a positive impact on small business owners who need to invest in software, equipment and other products in order to expand and grow in a highly competitive field.

The Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment provides support for production companies filming in New York. The office supplies permits and law enforcement assistance for companies who are making films, commercials or television shows in New York City.

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