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Google Offers Two Business Grant Programs For Nonprofits and Entrepreneurs

Google provides two different grant programs that help small business owners who are either nonprofits or entrepreneurs. The two grants are called Google AdWords™ and Google Gadget Ventures. Both provide grant funding for small business owners.

Google AdWords offers $300 worth of advertising each month. Google AdWords is a program where businesses can have their ads appear on Google searches. It works by keywords. Whenever people use certain keywords in their searches, the company's ads will appear. This advertising service is being offered at no cost up to $300 a month through the grant program.

The other grant program is called Google Gadget Ventures. This program is for entrepreneurs who invent gadgets. Entrepreneurs who register a gadget in the Google gadgets directory and receives 250,000 page views each week will receive a grant of $5,000 to help them develop their product. In addition, they can be eligible for seed investments of $100,000 to build their own company.

Google Gadget Ventures is a new program that was just introduced by Google. Both grant programs offer grant assistance to small business owners and individual entrepreneurs.

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