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California Funds Training Programs for Small Business Owners

California Employment Training Panel
Business owners in California who have from 1-9 employees can qualify for training that will enhance their skills as entrepreneurs. The California Employment Training Panel (ETP) is offering the program to small business owners representing industries that include wineries, hotels, printing, transportation, marketing, entertainment, specialty food and sustainable agriculture.

The training will be done by the Napa Valley College Small Business Development Center and include entrepreneurial training that will help small business owners become more skilled in the areas of business operations, finance, planning, customer service, marketing and sales. The program is called NxLeveL Entrepreneurial Training and it has helped more than 300,000 entrepreneurs in 50 states become more successful in running their businesses.

What the program includes

The program is very much hands-on and interactive. Participating business owners will have an opportunity to share ideas and learn from other business owners. They will also learn valuable information from experts in the areas of finance, marketing and banking who will be guest speakers during the training program.

How the program is funded

ETP is funded by the California Employment Training Tax which consists of unemployment insurance taxes collected from employers in California. The ETP is a state agency that funds the costs of vocational training, working in partnership with business, labor and government.

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