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Orange County Giving Grants to Small Businesses and Farm Programs

Orange County Giving Grants to Small Businesses and Farm Programs
Orange County, North Carolina, is spending their money wisely -- on small businesses who make a big difference in the area's economy. They are showing their strong support of both small business and agricultural by offering not one but two grants.

Two grant programs and two grant levels

Orange County Economic Development has created two types of grants that offer both small and larger grants to small businesses, and to agricultural concerns. Grants up to $1,500 and up to $10,000 are available as small and large grants under the Business Investment Grant program. The Agriculture Economic Development Grant program offers small grants up to $1,000 and larger grants up to $10,000.

Who qualifies

Businesses must be located in Orange County to qualify for grants and have annual revenue that does not exceed $1 million. Grant money may be used for startup expenses, purchasing equipment or machinery, adding staff, expanding, working capital or funding operations.

The purpose of the new grants is to stimulate the growth of agriculture and small business and increase jobs throughout Orange County.

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