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Sesame Ventures (Yes, as in Sesame Street) Wants to Fund Entrepreneurs Who Help Kids Grow Strong and Healthy

No one knows kids better than Sesame Street. They've been creating shows for children's entertainment since 1966. But their mission is much more than entertainment, and they are inviting startups who support their mission to assist them in helping kids grow smarter, stronger, and kinder.

Collab+Sesame Fund created to help kids

Early stage investor Collaborative Fund has partnered with Sesame to create a program, Sesame Ventures, whose goal is to partner with venture capital firms who want to invest in early stage startups. Examples of startups can be companies that focus on healthy eating habits and exercise, companies who work toward the social and emotional development of children, and companies who produce learning products.

These startups are eligible for financial support as well as mentoring from Sesame executives. They can even use the Sesame Street characters in their branding. Entrepreneurs who receive funding also receive Sesame Workshop expertise in marketing, research, and global media. Sesame Workshop is the non-profit organization behind the production of many educational programs for children.

The whole purpose of the new $10 million fund called Collab+Sesame Fund is to help children. The focus areas are helping children through education and media, family development, food, health and wellness, educator tools, and social and emotional development.

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