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Microsoft Giving Grants to Small Businesses Offering Internet Services in Rural Areas

Small businesses extending Internet access to rural or impoverished areas could be eligible for a grant from Microsoft totaling $75,000. The technology giant is offering grants to small businesses that provide online access as well as software or related services in remote areas such as Africa, India and rural Maine.

The average grant size is about $75,000 and also includes free software. The purpose of the grant program is to bring the Internet to remote parts of the world. The grant program is not only good for small tech businesses but will also help improve life in remote parts of the globe.

Remote areas targeted

Local entrepreneurs in remote areas are targeted because they know the area business climate and needs. By creating specific services that meet those needs, these small businesses will make a greater impact locally.

By 2017, Microsoft's goal is to support 20 such projects in 15 countries. They also want to promote more education and technology in Africa. Twelve grants have already been awarded to small firms around the world who have provided services such as Internet software for schools in rural areas and mobile apps for farmers.

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