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Top Money Wasters in Business

Top Money Wasters in Business

Owning your own business is a great accomplishment and it takes a ton of work. If you run a business, there may be some things affecting the profitability of your company without you even realizing it. Check out these top money wasters in business.

Ineffective employees

When a company employs people, the goal is to have the employees be as effective as possible. This, unfortunately, isn’t always the case. There are a lot of factors that lead to a business employing ineffective people. If you feel your employees aren’t as productive or as well-suited for their positions as would be best for your company, you may want to take a look at three main things: your recruiting processes, your training processes, and your compensation packages. Employees may be ineffective because your recruiting messaging doesn’t accurately match the position you’re looking to fill. This can also happen because your training programs aren’t as well suited to your company ideals as you previously thought. Another main reason companies find themselves with ineffective employees is that they are underpaying or offering subpar benefits packages. Investing in your employees pays off in the long run.

Preventable product damage

Product damage is one of the most costly things in the business industry. When you transport your products, whether to stores, distribution centers, or directly to customers, there are some places where products can get damaged along the way. This is especially true for businesses that ship in bulk, as they are more likely to utilize freight shipping methods. Freight shipping, while extremely effective, can be a rough ride for more delicate products. Palletizing is helpful in this process, but sometimes pallets can tip over, causing tons of product damage. As such, doing some research to learn how to prevent product damage from pallet loads tipping over in a truck is essential.


Disorganization is another surprising money-waster in business. Disorganization leads to time wasted, items lost, and a bad logistics channel. When your warehouse or manufacturing plant is disorganized, employees have to waste time looking for things that could be easily found if the center was organized. Then, once the item is found, some other items may be lost and never found. This leads to extreme waste of resources, such as purchasing new equipment that is already owned and housed somewhere within the center.

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