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Ways You Can Avoid Product Damage During Transit

Ways You Can Avoid Product Damage During Transit

When your company is transporting high volumes of product, there are many details to consider. A major consideration should be how you can avoid damaging your product along the way. Shipments may be tossed around carelessly, experience unstable rides, and suffer damage when being unloaded. There are a few helpful precautions you can take to lessen the possibility that shipments will be damaged. Learn more here as we discuss the ways you can avoid product damage during transit.

Stack Packages Properly on Pallets

It is imperative that you stack your products properly. When you stake packages of mixed sizes together, the load becomes unstable. This creates a situation that is not only ripe for damaged products but also injuries. When loads are en route to their destination, they will likely experience bumps, sharp turns, and shifting. If you stack packages of the same size on the proper pallets, they will be much more secure.

Avoid Using Damaged Pallets

Using pallets that are damaged or low quality endangers your product significantly. Usually, warehouse workers make it a point to sift through and discard any damaged pallets. It is not uncommon, however, for a few bad pallets to slip through the cracks. This is partially why pallets are critical to shipping and logistics. During transportation, a damaged pallet can move, causing a load to shift and resulting in product damage. It is best to take the time to inspect pallets as thoroughly as possible to decrease the risk of damage.

Secure Pallet Loads With Enough Wrap

This is one of the best ways you can avoid product damage during transit. To prevent packages from shifting too much during transport, it is common practice to wrap pallet loads in clear plastic wrap. Investing in the highest quality stretch wrap can make all the difference when securing your products. The more plastic wrap you use, the safer your products will be. It is important to know what kind of wrap you are using. If workers hand-wrap loads with stretch wrap that’s meant for an automatic stretch wrap machine, the product will not be secured properly. You should be sure of the opposite as well. If you choose to use a machine, make sure to install the correct stretch wrap.

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