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Common Typography Mistakes That Businesses Make


Common Typography Mistakes That Businesses Make

Whether you’re just starting or have been in business for years, it’s important to avoid common typography mistakes. They can make your business look unprofessional and turn away potential customers.

Your website or flyers may be a potential customer’s first impression of your business, so you want to ensure it’s a good one! These are some common typography mistakes businesses make.

Not Proofreading

One of the most common and easily avoidable typography mistakes is not proofreading your work. Whether it’s a website, blog post, flyer, or even an email, it’s important to take the time to proofread for any spelling or grammar errors.

You can proofread your work, but it’s often helpful to have someone else take a look as well. The second set of eyes can often catch errors you may have missed.

If you’re not confident in your proofreading skills, you can use plenty of online resources and services, such as Grammarly or Hemingway App.

Using Too Many Font Types

Another common typography mistake businesses make is using too many font types. When creating any business document or website, it’s important to stick to a limited number of font types.

Using too many font styles can make your work look cluttered and unprofessional. It can also be difficult for people to read if too many different font types are on the site or page.

A good rule of thumb is to use no more than two or three different fonts throughout your document or website. If you need to use more than one font style, choose a few that complement each other.

Not Using High-Quality Images

Another mistake businesses often make is not using high-quality images. Your product images are often the first thing potential customers will see, so you want to ensure they’re high quality. Poor-quality photos can make your products look cheap and unprofessional.

Use clear, well-lit images showing your products in the best light possible. Your customers can’t physically see your product, so your images must be high quality and give potential customers a good idea of what they’re buying.

Not Using White Space

Another common mistake is not using enough white space. White space is the empty area on your page, and it’s just as important as the text or images you include.

Including too much text or too many images without any white space can make your work look cluttered and difficult to read. It can also be off-putting for potential customers.

Be sure to leave plenty of white space around your text and images to make them stand out and be easier to read. You can also use white space to highlight important parts of your document or website.

These are a few of the most common typography mistakes businesses make. There are lots of website design mistakes that companies make, but your typography choices are just as important.

By proofreading your work, using a limited number of fonts, and including plenty of white space, you can avoid making these mistakes and ensure your business looks professional. Your business will stand out from the competition with high-quality documents and a well-designed website.

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